Never miss a customer.
Bowtie is an AI receptionist for any business to
automatically reach and serve their customers 💬
Bowtie is an AI receptionist for any size business to automatically reach and serve their customers 💬
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Convert missed calls into paying customers.
Automatically respond to your customers with an AI Assistant.
Message your customers on their favorite platforms.
"Thanks to Bowtie, I make an extra $1000 a month in missed call customers!"
- Alex, Founder Alex Anthony Salon
"Bowtie is simple & easy for our customers, putting us on the edge of innovation."
- Gene Frisco, CEO Asanda Spa Lounge
Say bye-bye to missed calls.
Convert missed calls to customers with Bowtie’s intelligent auto-replies.
Customer calls but no one answers 😡
Bowtie texts the customer automatically 🤔
Bowtie converts a new customer through chat 😍
Message your customers anywhere.
Bowtie works on SMS, Facebook and Web, so you can chat with your customers on the platforms they love.
Manage all those messages in one place.
A single dashboard streamlines all your customer communications.
Ongoing Conversations
Customer Profiles
Rich Messaging
AI ain't just for the big guys.
Automatically respond to and book customers with Bowtie’s AI Assistant.
Plans that fit your business.
Bowtie Lite
limited time only
  • Multi-Channel Chat (SMS, FB, Web)
  • Universal Chat Portal
  • Missed Call Texts
  • AI FAQ Assistant
  • Messaging Analytics
  • Unlimited Texts & Agents
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Bowtie Pro
monthly per location
  • All Bowtie Lite Features
  • Integration
  • AI Booking Assistant
  • Reschedule & Cancel Over Text
  • Customer Retention Texts
  • Thank You Notes
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Your customers will ❤️ you for it.